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Swatch to buy Harry Winston

Swatch to buy watch and jewelry brand from Harry Winston diamonds for $1 billion.

Dell to Go to Private Equity Firm?

TPG Capital and Silver Lake reportedly in talks to buy computer maker Dell, causing shares to jump 13%. Expect a hard landing if no announcement comes this week.

Weaker Yen to Improve Japan’s Economic Outlook

Abe's plan to weaken the yen will bring it in line with other Asian economies, thus helping exports. The Abe administration in Japan has aggressively decreased the value of the Yen, thus sparking an economic debate over the final outcome of such policies. We feel that devaluation is the best thing to do for Japan, since its debt is denominated in yen, it is not in the position of, say, Greece or Spain, who have no control over the value of the Euro...

Bernanke: No Inflation for QE3

The Fed Chairman is claiming that QE3 will not lead to significant inflation. “I don’t believe significant inflation is going to be the result of any of this,” Bernanke said in a speech at the University of Michigan. We see a 70% chance that the makeup of the CPI is revised within the next 24 [...]

2013 Outlook Part 3: Commodities

We see a 40% chance of a recession beginning in 2013, and if that happens, industrial commodities will be hit hard. In the event that the US is able to avoid a recession, we see largely flat performance for most commodities, excluding oil and gold. Oil We expect to see oil continue to trade in [...]

2013 Outlook Part 2: Fixed Income

Why we think bonds are going to do well, even though interest rates have nowhere to go but up.

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