Purchase One Stock Certificate as a Gift or Collectible

Framed and ready to hang, as a collectible or a gift

One stock certificate may not seem like much of an investment (unless the company becomes the next Berkshire Hathaway), but it's a great way to introduce a friend or loved one to the world of investing, and it can make a great decoration for the home or office. It's also a gift that will appreciate with time.

OneShare.com offers the opportunity to purchase one collectible stock certificate from hundreds of public companies, framed and ready to hang. It's a great way to acknowledge that recent graduate or a loved one that's rising up the ranks, and it's a gift that appreciates in value as the company grows.

One stock certificate is also a great way to teach children the value of investing, and concepts like appreciation, compound interest, volatility, dividends...

Math shouldn't be a problem subject after a short time.

But even more than that, OneShare offers hundreds of different companies' stocks, giving you the opportunity to personalize it for everyone on your list.

Oneshare.com is the Cheapest and Best Way to Give the Gift of One Stock Certificate

Ordering is easy, with the average order taking less than three minutes. All you need is the shareholder's name and address, and youre ready to go!

But, wait, wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy the stock through a regular stock broker?

Yes, but if you want the certificate to give as a gift, OneShare.com is the way to go.

OneShare's price is based on the stock price, plus a transfer fee for the certificate (any standard broker will charge this if you want to hold the certificate), plus the fee for the framing. A traditional broker or a discount broker will have a transfer fee as well as a certificate fee (usually an additional $35-$50), plus their standard per-purchase brokerage fee.

OneShare.com has a 100% satisfaction guarantee should you be dissatisfied for any reason!

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